Hi I’m Rory and I have big plans for this year with the goal of my 10th birthday next March. I want to raise $30,000 with $10,000 for my local community, $10,000 for the Restore International School in Uganda Africa and $10,000 so my mom and I can go visit the kids in Uganda I want to help. Right now we are starting small I’m saving any money I make from doing jobs to help people and my mom is selling a few soaps that I helped make called Hope, Dream & Love. I think sometimes people don’t know how to help or want to help more but I like to do little things because then you get the best smiles from the people you help. I really like the book LOVE DOES by Bob Goff he’s a really neat guy and you should ¬†go look at what he does and see how you can help too. If we all do a little bit together it makes small works and love into super big giant works and love, kind of like when we have to clean up our toys at home.

I now have a go fund me page set up so you can help me fulfill my dream DONATE HERE .

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